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SpaceVac Lite

While cleaners and maintenance teams might vacuum floors and stairways as part of their regular weekly cleans, anything above eye level is often left uncleaned.

These areas, however, are often a crucial part of building maintenance. Cleaning at high level can:

  • Reduce fire risk by removing dust from lights and cable trays, thus preventing dust layer ignition and light fittings from overheating.
  • Keep premises secure by removing any debris obscuring CCTV and motion detection devices.
  • Improve the health of occupants by removing the dust from vents that is disturbed and circulated when air conditioners are in use. Research has shown that removing this dust regularly can help to minimise respiratory complaints such as asthma.
  • Keep pipework, ducting, vents and other high-level areas clear and clean, ensuring premises look great all year round!